SRP Certified Contractor Program

High-standards ensure quality service

Administered by the The Electric League of Arizona , the SRP Certified Contractor Program requires contractors to meet strict program requirements. By setting these guidelines, SRP can connect customers with select contractors to provide assistance with upgrades around their home.

To find a licensed and bonded contractor that services your area call (602) 274-6808.

For other home improvements or repairs, call the council that fits your needs:

  • Arizona Appliance Council
    (602) 248-0331
  • Arizona Electric Council
    (602) 277-3736
  • Arizona Energy Management Council
    (602) 266-7283
  • Arizona Evaporative Cooling Council
    (602) 263-8037
  • Arizona Heat Pump Council
    (602) 248-7767
  • Arizona Lighting Council
    (602) 285-0640
  • Arizona Plumbing Council
    (602) 285-5563
  • Arizona Roofing Council
    (602) 285-5664
  • Arizona Solar Council
    (602) 266-7283

Contractor requirements

Participants in the SRP Certified Contractor Program must:

  • Be a member in good standing with the Arizona Electric League and Arizona Heat Pump Council.
  • Hold a current contractor's license with no outstanding complaints with Arizona Registrar of Contractors or the Better Business Bureau.
  • Be bonded and insured.
  • Adhere to the Heat Pump Council's "Member Pledge of Performance".
  • Have at least 20% of its technician/installer staff be certified as Master Heat Pump Technicians and complete additional training courses required by SRP.
  • Perform the Manual J (or equivalent load calculations) on cooling and heating replacements and installations, and provide copies to our customers and the Heat Pump Council.

Call (602) 274-6808

for a referral of SRP Certified Contractors who service your geographic area.

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