SRP ENERGY STAR® Pools Program frequently asked questions

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General questions

What is the SRP ENERGY STAR® Pools Program?

SRP offers customers rebates on the purchase of qualified ENERGY STAR®-certified variable-speed pool pumps to help save energy and money.

Current rebate amounts (subject to change):

  • Variable-speed pool pumps*: $100

*In order to receive a rebate for a variable-speed pump, the pump installation must be accompanied by a free calibration (see general question 7).

How can I save money and energy by upgrading my pool pump?

Variable-speed pool pumps have the ability to operate at a variety of speeds. Very low speeds can be used to filter the water and conserve energy, while higher speeds can be used for shorter periods of time to clean your pool quickly and effectively. By filtering slowly over a longer period of time per day, you can save up to 70% on your current monthly pool electricity cost. Make sure you are on an SRP Time-of-Day Price Plan (SRP Time-of-Use™ or SRP EZ-3™ ) and running your pump during off-peak hours for maximum savings.

Why does slowing down the water save on pumping costs?

When using the low-speed mode of a variable-speed pump, the water moves slower and thereby reduces the friction in the system. Reduced friction decreases the back pressure on the system, and as a result, the pump motor doesn't work as hard, which means less energy is used. With less friction and back pressure, it takes only a small amount of energy to keep the water moving in a pool after the pump has been started.

Does SRP offer a rebate for seasonal timers?

As of Jan. 1, 2012, seasonal timers are no longer eligible for rebate.

What is a calibration?

To qualify for a $100 variable-speed pool pump rebate, your pool pump must be calibrated by a qualified professional. Your pool professional will arrange your free pool pump calibration at the time of purchase. A properly calibrated pool pump ensures maximum efficiency, which means you save energy and money.

Can I get a free calibration on my existing pool pump?

No. SRP offers free calibrations for customers installing new variable-speed pool pumps that have been rebated through this program. For information about getting your existing pool pump calibrated, please contact your local retailer or pool professional.

Is there a new law regarding pool pumps?

A new pool pump energy-efficiency standard went into effect Jan. 1, 2012. If a pool pump is 1 horsepower or greater and fails, purchasing options will be limited to two-speed and variable-speed pumps.

This law applies only to the sale and installation of new residential pool pumps and pool pump motors. It will not affect current pool owners with healthy, single-speed pool pumps.

More information about the law regulating pool pumps can be found in Title 44, Chapter 9, Article 19, Section 44-1375 of the Arizona Revised Statutes:

Pool pump rebate program eligibility

What are the eligibility requirements for these rebates?

  • SRP residential electric customers in SRP's service territory are eligible to receive these rebates.
  • Pool pumps must be installed on a single-family residential, in-ground swimming pool in SRP's service territory and used for filtration purposes. New construction is not eligible.
  • The pump must be a qualifying, new unit. Rebuilt and replacement pump motors do not qualify.
  • The offer is limited to one pool pump rebate per household.

Is there a limit on how many pool pump rebates I can receive?

Yes, one rebate per household.

Are self-installed pool pumps eligible for a rebate?

Yes, as long as the pool pump meets the eligibility requirements. In most cases, participating retailers or pool professionals will process your application and provide an instant rebate. In rare cases, however, you may need to submit the pool pump rebate application yourself. In that case, please follow the instructions for the Mail-in rebate process (see Application Process question).

To qualify for a rebate, SRP must perform a free calibration. To schedule a calibration, please call (602) 236-9606.

How do I know which pool pumps qualify?

You can view the current list of approved pool pumps Document is a PDF or inquire with a participating pool professional. The professional will let you know which variable-speed pool pumps qualify for the SRP rebate and help you select the pump that will work best for your pool. Qualifying equipment must be new.

Do pumps for above-ground pools, spas or Jacuzzis qualify for the rebates?

No, above-ground pools and spas do not qualify for these rebates. SRP relies on the long-term energy savings associated with the rebated pumps, and expects them to be installed and operated in SRP's service territory for their entire useful lives. Above ground pools and spas tend to be portable, seasonal and less durable in nature, reducing the long-term savings reliability SRP needs to ensure a successful program.

When are rebate applications due?

Rebate applications are due within six months of the purchase date of the equipment.

Are business customers eligible to receive these rebates?

No, this program is designed specifically for residential customers. Visit to find energy-saving solutions for your business.

Application process

Where can I get a rebate application?

You can download the pool pump rebate application Document is a PDF or get them from participating pool professionals.

Do I have to mail in a rebate application to receive my rebate?

No, the rebate is applied at the time of purchase in most cases. Participating pool professionals will use SRP's online rebate-processing portal to submit rebate applications and corresponding calibration reports on behalf of their customers. In rare cases, you may need to mail in an application. Please see the instructions below.

How do I submit a rebate application?

Customers that have decided to self-install their new pool pump or purchase the pump from a non-participating retailer will need to submit an online or mail-in rebate application to receive the rebate. To do so, please follow these steps:

  1. View the current list of approved pool pumps Document is a PDF to verify eligibility of the new variable-speed pool pump you intend to purchase.
  2. Purchase and install the pump.
  3. Submit a completed rebate form pool pump rebate application Document is a PDF, along with a copy of your receipt/invoice for the pump. Submit by any of the following methods:
You will be contacted within a few days to schedule the free calibration service. A program-approved professional will visit your house to ensure the pump has been programmed to optimize energy savings. After the calibration is complete, you will receive a rebate check by mail in 6-8 weeks.

For additional assistance with the rebate application process, call (602) 236-9606 or email

How long does it take to receive the rebate from a mail-in rebate application?

It usually, takes 6-8 weeks to receive the rebate check, once the rebate application has been processed and the calibration has been completed.

Purchasing information

Where can I find participating retailers?

You can find a list of qualified participating pool professionals online .

Do I have to purchase the pump from a participating retailer or installer?

While we feel there are many benefits to purchasing from a participating retailer (instant rebate, calibration at install, customer service, support for local business, etc.), customers may purchase qualifying pumps from non-participating or online retailers. Customers who do so, however, will need to follow the instructions for the Mail-in rebate process (see Application Process question #3).

When does the SRP ENERGY STAR® Pools Program end?

The program is scheduled to continue through April 30, 2017. However, SRP reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion or its terms and conditions at any time.

When are rebate applications due?

Rebate applications are due within six months of the purchase date of the equipment.

My pool professional is not on the list of participating retailers and professionals. Can my professional still offer me the rebate?

Have your pool professional call (602) 236-9606 or email, and we'll help your professional get set up to offer the SRP ENERGY STAR® Pools Program rebates. In the meantime, you can participate by following the instructions for the Mail-in rebate process (see Application Process question #3).

Should I hire a licensed contractor to install my pool pump?

SRP encourages customers to use contractors licensed in Arizona when having work done at their home. Please note that some participating retailers and pool professionals in this program may not be licensed for pool pump installations. Verify the license status of contractors and subcontractors by calling (877) 692-9762.

What is needed at the time of purchase?

Pool professionals

I am a retailer or pool professional, and I want to offer the rebates to my customers. How do I sign up for the program?

Contact our program administrator, Kim Elliott, to receive the training and materials necessary to help you turn Valley pools green — in a good way! He may be reached at (602) 819-4441 or

Are pool pump installers required to be licensed contractors in Arizona?

SRP recommends that licensed contractors install pool pumps. Installers can contact the Arizona Registrar of Contractors to inquire about licensing requirements related to pool pump installations.

What is a calibration report?

Pool professionals performing the calibration will receive a $50 rebate for the completed calibration report submitted with each application through the rebate-processing portal.

What if I don't have access to the online rebate portal to submit a rebate application?

Pool professionals should email to join the rebate program and get access to the online rebate-processing portal.

Where can I get extra forms?

Participating pool professionals can download and print rebate application forms and calibration report forms from the rebate-processing portal.